Hi! I’m Liana,

I am a physical therapist and myofunctional therapist turned digital jaw pain coach.

I work with clients to fix their head, neck, and jaw pain-- as well as a variety of other symptoms-- without the headaches of our medical system.


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Participate in 3 workshops that explain the root causes your jaw pain that won't go away and help you navigate where to go next!
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30 Day Jump Start to    Jaw Pain Relief 

Work through jaw, breathing, and posture exercises on your own.  You will be suprised what a little jaw strengthening can do!
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1:1 Customized Program

Want more individualized attention while fixing your jaw pain and navigating your health care?  
This would be for you!
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What are people saying?!



I am very grateful and lucky that I stumbled on one of her entertaining videos as this has been easily one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health.


I would recommend this program 10 times over to anyone who experiences persistent pain and issues associated with their jaw!



I have minimal pain with speaking. I am able to talk louder and longer than I have in almost 3 years. This program is well worth the cost and the commitment.


Working with Liana helped tremendously which has helped improve my living as a working wife and mother of a toddler.



I was surprised I didn’t need to be there in person to get incredible results!



I have increased range, minimal pain and reduced clicking, as well as infrequent tinnitus and ear itching. This has been a wonderful and healing experience and I only wish I had done this sooner!

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